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  • FREE Leak Repairs 
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  • FREE Extended Repair Warranty 
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TPGI-service-agreementThe Amazing Plumbing Protection Plan’s 14 Point Checklist

  1. Dye test toilets to identify leaks that could be costing you hundreds of dollars per year in wasted water.
  2. Repair faucet leaks by tightening loose handles, packing nuts, or valve stems (repairs requiring parts cost extra). Eliminating a 1/32” diameter leak reduc-es your water bill by more than the annu-al investment in the Amazing Plumbing Protection Plan.
  3. Check crawlspace for piping leaks to identify any potential plumbing problems and prevent costly damage.
  4. Check house water pressure for steady water flow.
  5. Inspect visible piping for leaks and corrosion to identify potential leaks before they occur.
  6. Check emergency shut-off valve operation to ensure the valves will be available when needed.
  7. Tag emergency shut-off valves so you can easily identify the proper valves during a water crisis.
  8. Check washing machine hoses for material flexibility and integrity, to iden-tify the potential for hose rupture from deterioration.
  9. Clean and inspect free standing gas water heater pilots to ensure uninterrupted hot water.
  10. Clean and adjust gas water heat-er burners to optimize the burn, ex-tending life and reducing energy use.
  11. Inspect exterior hose faucets. to identify leaks and potential freeze-break issues.
  12. Flush water heater tanks to re-move sediment build-up from your home water system, extend water heater life, and improve water heater recovery and performance.
  13. Soap test gas water heater gas lines for property and life threatening leaks.
  14. Inspect gas water heater ex-haust flues for leaks that might intro-duce deadly carbon monoxide to your home.